Final Blog Entry Part One

Water and Light Water reflections

For the first part of the final blog post for EDTECH 541, I am providing a reflection on the entire course by using the provided guiding questions:

What have I learned?

I have learned a lot!  I appreciated learning about what can impact integrating technology — namely, the school and district’s network, Acceptable Use Policy, and walled gardens.  For teachers and students to use technology, there are more factors that will determine whether or not they have the opportunities to use the tools that I learned to use: VoiceThread, Google Sites, WordPress, ThingLink, Prezi, GoogleHangouts, Weebly, Google Slides, Socrative, Google Community, and much more.  I also developed and honed skills, such as creating proper APA citation, ethically using Creative Commons images, embedding code, and searching databases for scholarly articles.  I also was given opportunities to practice other ‘softer’ skills, such as time management, perseverance, and creativity.

How did theory guide the development of the projects and assignments I created?

Theory was the basis for all of the projects and assignments.  Often the theories outlined in the text established the logic and rationale for use of technology in different contexts.  Theory underlies the purpose for integrating technology in the classroom.

How does the course work demonstrate my mastery of the AECT standards?

A link to an artifact from this course exemplifies the demonstration of mastery of the standard:


  • 1.1 Instructional Systems Design
  • 1.2 Message Design
  • 1.3 Instructional Strategies
  • 1.4 Learner Characteristics

Relative Advantage Chart

Content Area Presentation: Mobile Learning

Content Area Presentation: ELL Vocabulary

Adaptive/Assistive Technology Presentation

  • 2.2 Print Technologies
  • 2.2 Audiovisual Technologies
  • 2.3 Computer-Based Technologies
  • 2.4 Integrated Technologies

Video Integration Lesson Plan & Video Library

Using the Internet for Instruction Project

Instructional Software Presentation

  • 3.1 Media Utilization

Using the Internet for Instruction Project

Network Project


How have I grown professionally?

I have grown because of the 100+ hours that I have spent reading studies, textbooks, research, websites, blog posts, discussion boards, and tweets.  The readings, in combination with the creation of projects, websites, and other artifacts, have established a solid base for integrating technology in the classroom.  In addition, I have confidence in my own process and implementation of instructional technology.


How have my own teaching practice or thoughts about teaching been impacted by what I have learned or accomplished in this course?

One of the most powerful exercises of this course was the Relative Advantage chart.  The chart itself was valuable, but more so was the concept of thoughtfully considering the relative advantage before selecting and implementing technology.  In my vision statement, I focus on the need for continual professional development for educators as a means of successfully and effectively integrating more technology into their classrooms.  Using the idea of ‘relative advantage,’ teachers will be able to better determine the value of technology, and perhaps be even more motivated to finding and creating situations that enhance and transform student learning in their classrooms.


What will I do differently as an educator as a result of this course?

As an educator, I will be more likely to investigate and evaluate the reasoning behind implementing technology in the classroom first.  I think it is important to give purpose and appropriate placement of technology in the curriculum.  Determining the relative advantages before implementation will be essential when making decisions on increasing technology.


Final Blog Entry Part Two

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For second part of the final blog for EDTECH 541, I am posting an assessment of my blogging performance.  As a motivated learner, I look to the highest level of achievement for evaluating my work. Here are the four criteria areas with descriptions of the “Outstanding” category along with my own assessment of each.

  • Content (100 points)
    Rich in content, full of thought, insight and synthesis with clear connections to previous or current content and/or to real life situations made with depth and detail.

The content of many of my blog posts are thoughtful, insightful, and thorough.  There was one posting, in looking back through all of the posts, that was lacking.  I did try to find connections and write about what was important and new to me.  Because of this, I would give myself 95 points.

  • Readings and Resources (35 points)
    Readings (from course text) and other resource materials are used to support blog comments. APA style is used to cite references.

There was one post that I did not use other resources to support my comments, I only used the course textbook.  For the most part, I tried to find additional sources to support the ideas I was discussing. With this in mind, I give myself 30 points.

  • Timeliness (25 points)
    All required postings are made early in the module to give others time to comment.

I always posted by the end of the module, and in the relative view of the course, I think they were all posted with sufficient time for response because other students were able to comment on my posts at the end of the module.  Additionally, I noticed that there were really no early posters, and we all tended to post near the end of the module.  I give myself 25 points.

  • Responses to Other Students (30 points)
    Two or more substantial posts with at least one detailed response made to address another students’ post.

I posted on at least two students as required.  I always tried to leave comments that were specific and relevant.  I want to note that I often posted in the course discussion boards when providing feedback for other classmates.  At times I also replied to a student on the discussion board as notification that I left a comment on their site.  I give myself 30 points.

Overall, I gave myself 180 points out of 190.